Jupiter EMC LLC was founded in 2007 and has gone a long way rapidly since its inception.  JEMC sensed the need for a specialized Electrical contractor in this rapidly developing country and hence acted accordingly by maintaining the required human resources and providing the quality of work that not only meets the client’s requirements but exceeds its most of the times.

Consequently, due to our never fading enthusiasm, continuous hard work and will of improvement, JEMC has been able to lay its own benchmark in the Abu Dhabi market.  Our scope of services covers a wide range from Industrial projects to Infrastructure Jobs e.g. Power cabling HV & LV, Sub Stations Turnkey Medium Voltage ,O+M of Medium/Low Voltage Substation, Third Party Inspection, Package Units, Power Supply for Construction Sites, Public Lighting System, UPS & DC System, Relocation Jobs, Fiber Optic Cable Related Works.

With a reputation of its services, which covers planning, design, procurement, installation, testing commissioning and documentation, JEMC has been successful in maintaining long term agreements with leading COMPANIES. The company comprises of highly qualified & experienced professionals   in the field of electro-mechanical contracting.  Our approach   in managing and executing jobs is the key to our success.


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JEMC Engineers, Supervisors and associated staff are all acquainted with the most updated methods and techniques of job execution.  Through close monitoring JEMC managed to deliver the best quality, services and prices the customer seeks.


 JEMC’s   strategy at work can be best described as hereunder;


  • Delivering the best quality of work.
  • Meeting deadlines.
  • Doing it right, the first time.
  • Close project monitoring for progress.
  • Maintaining and securing the man-power requirements.
  • Motivating team work spirit between the concerned parties.


Derived from the above strategies we adopted the following procedures to assert and assure the quality of the works performed.


Specification Compliance:

One of the vital important issues that highly affect the quality of services provided is to thoroughly Understand the client’s/consultant’s requirements.  These requirements are then analyzed, and acted upon respectively.


Procurement Control:

After the finalization of drawings and specification approvals, the suppliers will be contacted to submit their quotations.  These quotations are analyzed and a detailed comprehensive study to select the best supplier that meets the final accepted specifications.  The procurement documents will be sent to the client / consultant for their review and approval. Finally, firm orders are placed with the supplier that meets the intended scope.


Material Reception and Storage:

Before receiving the materials all documents/ material will be cross checked with the corresponding order to ensure their compliance with the individual requirements.  Defective material will be clearly marked, identified and returned.  Periodic inspection are carried-out to check the material status and to be prepared to cover any shortages in future.


Installation-Inspection :

 After the completion of each installation phase, a thorough inspection will be performed to see whether it complies with the drawings and applicable standards.  Any noticed defects or discrepancies will be recorded and the same shall be rectified/ replaced to deliver the right package.


Final Test/Inspection:

All equipment and materials will be tested as per the manufacturer’s standard instructions and their corresponding performance data will be recorded.  The results will be forwarded to the client/consultant for their verification and approvals.  The final tests and inspections will be accomplished according to a predetermined and agreed procedure that indicates the date, objective, involved parties and others.  The results will be furnished to all concerned parties including the supplier.



Following project completion, necessary copies of as-built drawings, test results, operation and maintenance manuals are forwarded to client/consultant for their reference.

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